84 WHAS Sports Schedule


84WHAS Sports Schedule

FEBRUARY, 2015     
Mon, 2/167P-8P Rick Pitino Show  
Tue, 2/175:30P7PKentucky at Tennessee Basketball
Tue, 2/17After UK Matt Jones Post-Game Show
*(Wed, 2/18)*(5:30P)*(7P)*(Louisville at Syracuse Basketball)
 *(On 790 KRD.  WHAS joins in progress after Calipari.)  
Wed, 2/186P-7P John Calipari Show 
Wed, 2/18After U of L Late Night SportsTalk 84 
Sat, 2/2112Nn-1P Mutual Fund Show 
*(Sat, 2/21)*(12:30P)*(2P)*(Miami at Louisville Basketball)
 *(On 790 KRD)     
Sat, 2/215:30P7PAuburn at Kentucky Basketball
Sat, 2/21After UK Matt Jones Post-Game Show
*(Mon, 2/23)*(5:30P)*(7P)*(Louisville at Georgia Tech Basketball)
 *(On 790 KRD.  WHAS Joins In Progress After UK.)  
Mon, 2/236P-7P John Calipari Show 
Mon, 2/23After U of L Late Night SportsTalk 84 
Wed, 2/255:30P7PKentucky at Mississippi State Basketball
Wed, 2/25After UK Matt Jones Post-Game Show
Thu, 2/267P-8P Rick Pitino Show  
*(Sat, 2/28)*(10:30A)*(12Nn)*(Louisville at Florida State Basketball)
 *(On 790 KRD)     
Sat, 2/2812Nn-1P Mutual Fund Show 
Sat, 2/282:30P4PArkansas at Kentucky Basketball
Sat, 2/28After UK Matt Jones Post-Game Show
MARCH, 2015     
Sun, 3/14:45P5PSouth Carolina at UK Women's Basketball
Mon, 3/27P-8P Rick Pitino Show  
Tue, 3/37:30P9PKentucky at Georgia Basketball
Tue, 3/3After UK Matt Jones Post-Game Show
*(Wed, 3/4)*(5:30P)*(7P)*(Notre Dame at Louisville Basketball)
 *(On 790 KRD.  WHAS Joins In Progress After UK.)  
Wed, 3/46P-7P John Calipari Show 
Wed, 3/4After U of L Late Night SportsTalk 84 
Sat, 3/712:30P2PFlorida at Kentucky Basketball
Sat, 3/7After UK Matt Jones Post-Game Show
Sat, 3/7TBA Mutual Fund Show 
Sat, 3/7TBATBAVirginia at Louisville Basketball
Sun, 3/87P-8P Rick Pitino Show  
Mon, 3/96P-7P John Calipari Show 
Mon, 3/166P-7P John Calipari Show 
Mon, 3/236P-7P John Calipari Show 
Tue, 3/10 -TBATBAACC Tournament in Greensboro
Sat, 3/14      
Wed, 3/11 -TBATBASEC Tournament in Nashville
Sun, 3/15      
Mon, 3/166P-7P John Calipari Show 
Mon, 3/236P-7P John Calipari Show 
*(Mon, 3/30)*(6P-7P) *(John Calipari Show) 
 *(If Necessary)     
APRIL, 2015      
*(Mon, 4/7)*(6P-7P) *(John Calipari Show) 
 *(If Necessary)     
MAY, 2015      
Fri, 5/1All Day Kentucky Oaks Day 141 
Sat, 5/2All Day Kentucky Derby 141 
Sat, 5/93:30P-App. 6:30P Grand Prix of Indianapolis 
Sun, 5/2411A-App 3:30P Indianapolis 500  
JUNE, 2015      
JULY, 2015      
Sat, 7/188P-App 11PM Iowa Corn 250 IRL Race 
Sun, 7/2612Nn-App 5PM Brickyard 400  
AUGUST, 2015     
Sun, 8/21:30P-App. 4:30P Mid-Ohio Honda Indy 200 IRL Race